Infini: Spoiler Free Review

Infini: Spoiler Free Review

Infini is a science fiction movie directed by Shane Abbess and starring Daniel MacPherson, Grace Huang, and Luke Hemsworth.

The film takes place at the tail end of the 23rd century, when 95% of the world is in living in poverty. The most lucrative jobs available also happen to be the most dangerous. Jobs like interplanetary mining, military, and space exploration are where the daring and desperate go to earn their keep and feed their families.

The protagonist Whit Carmichael (MacPherson) is one of these individuals that has taken on this dangerous work, and in the process finds himself stranded on a mining facility after a disastrous biological outbreak ravaged his squad.

An elite search and rescue team is dispatched to the Infini mining facility where Whit Carmichael remains. The only way to the facility is through the advanced teleportation technology known as “Slipstream”. It has the ability to launch people across the cosmos within milliseconds, but also runs the risk of corrupting the user.

When they arrive, weeks have passed for Whit, which when contrasted with the rescue team was only a matter of minutes. In such time chaos led to the evisceration of the rest of Whit’s crew. To Whit’s dismay he is not the primary objective of the rescue team’s mission, and there is in fact much more at stake.

Aside from the fact that these infection/zombie stories have become far too prolific, and saturated the markets of every medium, it doesn’t offer anything substantially compelling.

inifini 1

The film is pretty generic overall – the story was simply a character evading dangerous, corrupted individuals in a creepy, confined space and the performances felt stale, providing nothing that truly grabs hold of you. There was a notably poor performance from Dan MacPherson as the protagonist Whit Carmichael. He is the main protagonist but I didn’t care about most of what he experienced or felt. There were some good moments in the performance, but during some of the important scenes there was no emotional weight to the words he said. This was partly because there was no significant exposition for his character, and what was given didn’t happen in logical succession. It was instead just thrown in halfway through the movie to try and make you care a little bit more about his well-being.

There was really only minor exposition and background for the one character, which didn’t do much make him relatable or interesting. There was even less effort to build the side characters up, so we are left with nothing to connect us to them when something designed to be emotional happens.

There didn’t seem to be any believable characters, and they were instead very thin and recycled ideas amongst them. For instance, everyone seems to have kids in this movie as a means for you to sympathize with them. One is pregnant on the mining facility, two have toddlers at home, and one has a pregnant wife. Not only is it lazy to use similar backgrounds as a device to try and get the audience to care, but it doesn’t work in these cases.

There were little things and continuity issues that bothered me as well. Whit Carmichael is on the mining planet for weeks, yet he looks exactly how he did when he left a minute ago, with buzz cut and five o’clock shadow unchanged. There wasn’t even something small to indicate that he cut his own hair with some makeshift scissors, which could have been a moment to add something to the character and his personality.dvd

Also, you may wonder this yourself, how and why does someone in nearly the 24th century have a Polaroid picture? That’s like if I owned a steam engine vehicle – how and why would I have such a thing?

The movie did provide the promised moments of action, but falls short with the weird behaviours of the infected and difficult camera angles. Those infected by the biological outbreak are supposed to be erratic and unstable to a fearful degree, but they are instead just laughable. With less than frightening creatures roaming around, there was no tension in the scenes that were supposed to be tense. The action sequences themselves were filmed with a very shaky camera and took every chance to block your view using steam, pipes, and other obstructions to avoid you seeing the whole picture.

Infini has some interesting ideas that will peak your curiosity and draw you in to learn a little more, but provide little satisfaction. The characters were thin and the performances were empty, which impacted any sort of emotion the audience is supposed to feel for them. Miraculously, despite it all, the ending was interesting and gives you something to think about.

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